Man Boobs – How to get rid of them in 2 Sure-Fire ways

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Man boobs – its one body part many guys would prefer not to have. Unfortunately, the reality is millions of men have man them. While it’s not really considered as something dangerous to health, there is a sensible reason why most guys don’t like to have them.

Looking for ways how to get rid of your man boobs problem? Then read below.

Getting rid of man boobs:


Diet and Exercise are two natural solutions in reducing down man boobs problem. Biologically speaking, having man breasts do not automatically signify any ill-health conditions. The bad news though is, in most cases, people who have them usually have issues with their weight.

Obesity is the number one cause of man boobs. While this fact remains true, a medical condition called gynecomastia can also cause the development of boobs in men. To correct this problem, following a well-rounded diet and regular exercise is vital to achieve positive results.

    Diet

Green Tea – If you’re looking for a powerful diet drink that can effectively tone down your breast delimma, then drinking green tea regularly should be included in your daily diet. According to recent studies, people who took green tea on a daily basis tend to burn more chest fats faster than people who didn’t drink it. It is also highly advised to drink the tea with no sugar addition.

Flax Oil – It is actually considered as an agricultural revolution. Flax oil is a very effective appetite suppressant. This is because flax oil can help make you feel satiated. As a result, the less food you consume, the fewer fats there will be to store.

    Exercise

Cardiovascular Exercises – Because your breast problem lies in the chest area, then it’s only logical to focus on this portion. In terms of workout, a cardiovascular exercise is definitely going to be your best bet as it directly burns down the calories stored in your breasts. Observe a 15 – 20 minutes session time with an at least 10 – 20 seconds of hard training and 1 – 3 minutes of easy cardio exercises.

Aneorobic Exercises – Anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting are also good workouts to adopt simply because of its excellent calorie-burning effect. An exercise routine on an inclined bench is the best way to kickstart this training. An incline press machine would also help you a lot in this training since it mostly targets the upper chest area. Finally, always remember that when it comes to muscle building using weight training, fewer reps is required as you increase the weight.


Surgery is your best bet if you’re looking for medical relief. When all natural methods (exercise, diet, supplements) fail, a surgical solution can provide the immediate solution to your unwanted breasts problem.

Liposuction – the greatest advantage of liposuction in ridding man breasts problem is the time factor. This procedure does not take a lot of waiting unlike exercise & diet. Unfortunately, its disadvantages can also be painful both physically and financially.

Gland Excision – doctors rarely recommend this medical alternative except in cases where gynecomastia is present.

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